smile for all over the world
with robotics technology

From factories to stores, from stores to homes,
we develop robots that work close to people for a better world.
We are a robotics Start-UP created by real Robotics Engineers.

We will be the largest service robot company in the world.

Autonomous Clear Up Robot "ACUR-C"

We are currently developing the robot ACUR-C, an automatic robot for serving / collecting dishes in restaurants. It's not just a transport robot, but an autonomous mobile manipulator, "autonomous robotics arm".

  • There is no need for human action to transfer the dishes between the robot and the table.

  • There is no need for "ceiling/floor guides" or "remote operation"

*ACUR-C:Autonomous Clear Up Robot Type-C

Company Profile

  • The only company which CEO is ex-SCHAFT (Google)

  • One of the few startups which CEO has a background in Robotics Engineering

  • Most engineers are ex-Google (SCHAFT) and ex-JSK (University of Tokyo)

  • Talented team to develop both sides, Software and Hardware, at the highest level in the world

We are hiring Robotics Engineers (Software and Hardware) as a professional and intern.

Questions about using our robot in your restaurant, proposals for development collaboration, interview requests by newspapers and media, questions about recruitment ...

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