Autonomous Clear Up Robot "ACUR-C"

Currently, we are developing a mobile manipulator for restaurants, clinics, nursing homes, accommodations etc. that serves/clears up dishes.


Autonomous Clear Up

Comparing to existing service robots,

  • he also knows how to move autonomously.

  • he only has one robotic arm.

As an "autonomous robotics arm",

  • There is no need for human action to transfer the dishes between the robot and the table.

  • There is no need for "ceiling/floor guides" or "remote operation"

*ACUR-C:Autonomous Clear Up Robot Type-C

Technologies in "ACUR-C"

Competent arm to collect dishes

    • Collecting dishes at 1m distance by the robotic arm with redundant degree of freedom

    • Carry multiple trays on the mobile shelves inside the robot

    • Integrated autonomous movement, spatial recognition and high-level manipulation

Advanced mobility with detection and control technology

    • No blind spot of 360 degree by 2 laser sensors and 4 x 3D cameras

    • Stop and avoid any obstacles including people

    • AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) / AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) with delicately controlled movement in all directions

Consideration for total security

    • Shell structure that cannot be touched from outside, does not spread even if it collides

    • Power-controlled motor on the arm to not hurt anything or anyone

    • Rust language, a highly efficient and secure language

Extensibility and ease of implementation

    • In addition to the tray, serve/collect other things by changing hands

    • There is no need to install landmarks on the ceiling, floor or table (without tracks)

    • There is no need for remote control with telepresence (autonomous vehicle)

clearing up
by the autonomous clear up robot "ACUR-C"


Movement method: SLAM using laser

Direction of movement: Omnidirectional

Passage width: 800 mm

Size: 770 mm x 430 mm x 1,350 mm

Maximum speed: 3 km / h

Maximum output (arm): 53 W

Arm reach: 90 cm

Load capacity: 27 kg

Tray size: 32 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (* 2 shelves, adjustable height)

Climbing: 5 degrees

Avoid obstacles: LiDAR (360 degrees) + Depth camera

Battery life: 5 hours