Solution business

Joint development/joint research, contract-based development and consultation services

1. Joint development/joint research,
joint contract-based development

  • For businesses that have any issues they want to solve using robots

Please let us know what your issues are. We will consider whether our robotics technology can resolve your issues. (Please consult with us about the development budget, development period, development system, and so on.)

  • For businesses that want to develop new products by integrating our robotics technology with their products

It may be possible to generate new value by having your products start to move automatically based on our robotics technology. If you have a specific idea, we also welcome consultations from the brainstorming phase.

  • For businesses that are developing robots, but have a technological area they lack themselves

We are especially good at developing software (especially in phases close to R&D).
For example:
- Software development using ROS/ROS2
- Software development using Rust Programming Language
- Software development for 3D environment recognition
- Service robot development
Please feel free to consult us.

2. Consultation services

For businesses that want to use or are USING robots:

    • Support for making strategic plans for using robots

    • Support for finding the most suitable robot according to the purpose

    • Attending technical meetings with robot manufacturers

    • Consultation about designing operations using robots

…and so on.

For businesses that want to develop or are DEVELOPING robots:

    • Support for software development using Rust Programming Language

    • Startup of a new robot development team

    • Project management for robot development

    • Technical supervision and technical support for robotics business

    • Providing advice when faced with problems that are difficult for your company's engineers

    • Support for troubleshooting

…and so on.

Development experience of our engineer members

  • Bipedal humanoid robot

  • Small humanoid robot for research

  • Small flexible humanoid robot (for communication)

  • Tendon-driven humanoid (head)

  • Wheel-type humanoid robot (guidance robot)

  • Biped robot capable of walking on rough terrain (legs only)

  • Watching support robot

  • Telepresence robot

  • Wheel type mobile manipulator

  • Industrial robot arm

  • Collaborative robot arm

  • Multi-axis / multi-finger robot hand

Our technology for software

  • AI / Robotics
    Autonomous movement (Particle Filter, Localization, SLAM), Motion Planning (MoveIt, original library), Leg robot control technology (Footstep Planning, Gait planning, Real-time control)

  • AI / recognition technology
    Point cloud processing (PCL: Point Cloud Library, Open3D), point cloud visualization, image processing (OpenCV)

  • AI / Machine Learning
    Deep Learning Tensorflow, PyTorch, Reinforcement Learning, Classical Machine Learning (SVM, Decision Tree, Bayesian Estimate)

  • Programming languages ​
    C, C ++, Python, Rust, Ruby, Javascript

  • Development method
    Development management (CI, automated testing, code review, coding conventions), UML, patent strategy

  • Communication / OS / Teleoperation
    Remote control / Remote brain / Cloud robotics, ROS, ROS2, Protocol Buffers, ZeroMQ, Real-time OS (VxWorks)

  • Embedded
    Linux, embedded boards (Jetson, Raspberry Pi, Beagle board, etc.), circuit firmware, Arduino

  • Open source
    OSS license, GitHub operation

  • UI
    HTML5 (WebGL, WebSocket), Qt5

  • Other software technology
    Build system (CMake, Ninja), communication technology, real-time control, sensor calibration (external, internal), VPN, Docker, walking control

Our technology FOR hardware

  • Sensor
    3D camera (Intel RealSense, Azure Kinect DK, Ensenso), 2D LiDAR (RPLiDAR, Hokuyo), 3D LiDAR (Velodyne, etc.), etc. (Web camera, IDS camera, 6-axis force sensor, etc.)

  • Electric circuit design
    Power supply circuit board, digital circuit, microcomputer (PIC, ARM, ESP32, etc.), Arduino, KiCAD, battery (remaining amount estimation, automatic charging)

  • Mechanical design
    Mechanical design (actor selection (output calculation), cross roller bearing, orthogonal 2-axis design, housing design (one-touch mounting exterior), research and development design, drafting), mechanical analysis, system design (unique end effector, original) Multi-finger hand, original hand, original arm design, redundant scalar arm, linear motion mechanism, differential two-wheel mobile vehicle, omnidirectional mobile vehicle, leg), rapid prototype (3D print), Dynamixel, Maxon Motor, Mecanum wheel, SolidEdge

If you have any difficulties regarding robot development, please feel free to contact us.